Mozzarella Onion Ring
Deep fried onion with mozzarella served with tar-tar sauce

Spicy Buffalo Wings
Hot & spicy chicken leg served with barbeque sauce
Seafood sampler
Combination of seafood selection breaded style with potatoes chips served with Honey orange sauce.

Chicken in the basket
Crispy chicken style with condiment Potatoes chips served with Chili sauce and tomato sauce.

Broccoli Cheese Potato Skin
Baked Potatoes skin with creamy Broccoli mozzarella cheese on top.

Calamari Fritti
Slice of calamari mixed with flour and Herb served with Tar-tar sauce and tomato sauce.
Bitter Ballen
Combination of mince beef ,flour ,fresh milk and cream with bread crumb served with mustard Sauce.

Devoyage Garlic Bread
Toast of bread with spread garlic Butter and chopped Parsley served with cheese sauce.

Bruschetta DE voyage
Slice of toast French banquet with Bolognaise on top.

Fish & Chips
Slice of dory fish mixed with flour paste served with Wedges Potatoes and Tar-tar sauce